La Saint-Valentin

Originally posted on Chomeuse with a Chou:
Book of the day: Wuthering Heights Valentine’s Day is not a particularly celebrated occasion in my household. As much as I enjoy tales of enduring love, aided and abetted by theatrical grand gestures and heroic sentimentality, where the most sophisticated performances cause tissues to be conjured from thin air and unsuspecting women to be transformed temporarily into pandas,… Continue reading La Saint-Valentin

Chomeuse with a Chou…and now a Chou-fleur!

On Tuesday the 29th of January, at 3:21 pm, and at 39 weeks’ gestation, my little family welcomed its newest member, in the form of one small and beautiful Chou-fleur, who hurtled into the world so quickly that her sage femme had to make haste to catch her. My husband and I had waited a long time for her arrival, so naturally we were thrilled … Continue reading Chomeuse with a Chou…and now a Chou-fleur!