Chomeuse with a Chou…and now a Chou-fleur!

On Tuesday the 29th of January, at 3:21 pm, and at 39 weeks’ gestation, my little family welcomed its newest member, in the form of one small and beautiful Chou-fleur, who hurtled into the world so quickly that her sage femme had to make haste to catch her. My husband and I had waited a long time for her arrival, so naturally we were thrilled … Continue reading Chomeuse with a Chou…and now a Chou-fleur!

Under house arrest in Budapest: A tale of holiday woe

Stepping down, down, down into a subterranean labyrinth beneath the calm and pleasant streets of old town Buda, one bitterly cold morning in February, two years ago, my husband and I had just made the rather questionable decision to take our then one-year-old son on a quest to see the prison where Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, was detained for an indeterminate amount of time … Continue reading Under house arrest in Budapest: A tale of holiday woe

Epiphany and la galette des rois

Happy Épiphanie to one and all! Since my Chou has now reached the practically adult age of three, and nursery restarts tomorrow (where, no doubt, Epiphany will be a major topic of conversation, Christmas having taken place so long ago), I decided that it was time my family participated in the time-honoured (and much-loved) French tradition that is “tirer les rois”. In order to “draw the … Continue reading Epiphany and la galette des rois

A Sortie Scolaire to the Farm

Book of the Day: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. Two weeks ago I accompanied my Chou on his first ever school trip. It was a grand occasion – eighteen small children and nineteen adults (sixteen volunteers and three conscripts) heading off to pastures new attached to a farm so far away as to require the additional excitement of a short coach trip. This was … Continue reading A Sortie Scolaire to the Farm

A Monégasque Adventure

Sitting next to my husband as we drove along the sensational coastal road on a long-promised trip to Monaco (our first venture ending abruptly after a freak hailstorm crushed my dream and my husband’s motorbike) I felt as though we could almost have been Cary Grant and Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock’s film, To Catch a Thief – I am, after all, a native Bristolian, … Continue reading A Monégasque Adventure

Menton: The chin of France*

Within an hour of our arrival at the seaside resort of Menton my over-excited Chou had managed to fall face-first into the Mediterranean. Luckily we came prepared for such inevitabilities (I had risen at six o’clock that morning to start the arduous task of packing, mainly comprising as much of his wardrobe as I could find clean). Having laughed unsympathetically and picked him up out … Continue reading Menton: The chin of France*

Comment s’amuser avec a cardboard box

Les vacances de printemps have arrived in France, hot on the heels of the two week ‘skiing holiday’ in February (in lieu of the British half term) and the long Easter weekend. All the usual toys and schemes having been either thoroughly exhausted, lost or broken I found it necessary, some weeks ago, to resort in my desperation to improvisation. An impulse purchase of questionable … Continue reading Comment s’amuser avec a cardboard box