The Chou and la grue

Looking for Adventure is like playing a game of ‘Hide and Seek’. Sometimes it is my turn to seek, and Adventure hides herself away in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes Adventure looks for me. I may think that I have found the perfect hiding spot, and am sitting tucked up in a ball in the dark, with my arms wrapped round my knees, giggling … Continue reading The Chou and la grue

Gourdon Bennett! C’est quoi ça?

Do you have a lawn that you hate cutting? Half a garden that you’d rather not access? A partner whom you trust enough not to sneak out at night and perform a mass plant exorcism? Neighbouring children that you’d like to scare by making your home imitate the set for a horror film? A penchant for analysing the progress of mould? A passion for planning … Continue reading Gourdon Bennett! C’est quoi ça?

Flying toute seule

I have never been a particularly happy flyer. Despite having the laws of physics explained to me I cannot (and refuse to) understand why aeroplanes stay in the sky. I do not sleep well on the eve of a flight, dwelling, unwillingly, on any number of the aviation horror stories that have appeared in the news over the last few years. I pay particular attention … Continue reading Flying toute seule

Alors, pour commencer…

Book of the day: David Copperfield What causes a (reasonably) sane adult to start threatening imminent self-defenestration from a ground-floor dining room? While I do not feel sufficiently qualified to speak for the downstairs-window-hurdling community in general, I shall endeavour to explain my own fall from grace. To do so, however, involves a brief jaunt back through some of my personal history, to where my … Continue reading Alors, pour commencer…